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4th-Jul-2010 10:49 pm
Bah, it wasnt a good day

I got a malware virus on my laptop :( i ran a few malware and virus scans to try and get rid of it, but no such luck.. so i ended up having to restore my computer to factory settings :(

I hate the forth of july.. well, only the stupid drunken people setting off fireworks in the middle of the night... Like right now.. Its 10:45pm, and im about to go to bed. but theres a couple of douchebags out in the street setting off the screechiest most annoying fireworks ever >.<'

ahh, in other news, i started writing Jrock fanfiction, which i will be uploading to Zansatsu Fiction ( http://zansatsu.com/index.php )  My author name there is Miyuki ^^ Put up my first piece yesterday! so if you have the time, i would appreciate comments on it so i may improve my writing!

anyway, thats all for now

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